Why your mortgage term matters

With increases in the cost of living impacting on many household budgets, the cost of your monthly mortgage payment continues to be important.  On a capital repayment mortgage, the quicker you pay off your balance, the bigger your monthly payments will be. By having a longer term, you may benefit from a lower monthly payment, […]

First time buyers guide to saving for a deposit

When preparing to buy your first home, saving for a deposit can be a difficult process. As house prices, inflation, cost of living and mortgage rates increase, it can mean that some mortgage lenders may require larger deposits of the property value. This can be challenging trying to save a large sum of money and […]

New Year Financial Resolutions

It’s time to make sure your personal and household finances are fit and healthy for the challenges of 2023. We all need a bit of a kick start so check out these four handy tips and see what you can be done to put you in pole position for the new year. Check your mortgage […]

Mortgage Matters Winter 2022 Newsletter

Our new Mortgage Matters Winter 2022 Newsletter is now available. Click here to download your free copy. If you would like to discuss any of the articles or topics in further detail, please get in touch with us.  

Talking to kids about the value of money

After seeing a typical child’s birthday or Christmas list, parents often realise it’s high time they started teaching their youngsters about the value of money. Even if you both have reasonably well-paid jobs and only the one child, things don’t come cheap these days. So, what easy steps can you take do to ensure you […]

Benefits of using a mortgage broker

Juggling the process of buying a new home and securing the right mortgage deal is exciting and stressful at the same time, whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to remortgage. Current circumstances in the marketplace are adding to the pressure. Higher interest rates and a constantly changing financial landscape mean lenders are adapting rapidly, […]

Mortgage Matters Autumn 2022 Newsletter

Our new Mortgage Matters Autumn 2022 Newsletter is available for download. Click here to download your free copy. If you would like to discuss any of the articles or topics in further detail, please get in touch with us

How remortgaging may help to reduce your monthly payments

A remortgage is the process of moving your home’s existing mortgage to one with a new lender. Remortgaging could help you save money if you weigh up the fees involved with the savings you could make. Here’s how it works. People remortgage for many different reasons, including: Finding a better deal elsewhere – you might […]

The Benefits of Accident Protection

Have you thought about what to do if something untoward happens to you at home – an accident that injures you and stops you from working? Now you’re managing the pain, unable to earn a living and the situation is made worse by the fact you’re now constantly worrying about how you’re going to make […]

Budgeting tips for saving money while making your life better

Whether you want to go on holiday or just want to save some money for the future, budgeting is a good way to put aside some money for reaching this goal. Here you can find some tips to help you take control of your finances. Why is budgeting so important? You might think that it’s […]

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