Top 10 questions asked by first time buyers

How do I get a mortgage? As a first-time buyer it pays to shop around for the best deal. But when you’ve never had a mortgage, it can be confusing. To get an idea of what is available in the marketplace and see what deals work best for you, it’s worth contacting a specialist mortgage […]

Mortgage Matters Spring 2022 Newsletter

Our new Mortgage Matters Spring 2022 Newsletter is available for download. This latest newsletter features articles, ideas, and information to help you get the right mortgage and protection for you and your family. Click here to download your free copy. If you would like to discuss any of the articles or topics in further detail, […]

How to build your credit score to secure a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage, especially if you’re a first-time buyer, can be a nerve-wracking process. But one way to reduce the stress and increase your chances of a successful outcome is to build and maintain a healthy credit score before approaching lenders. We’ve outlined some basic steps that you can take to get you on […]

Private Medical Insurance Explained

In these uncertain times where NHS waiting lists are getting longer for many treatments, you may be considering taking out a private health insurance policy. There are many providers and variations of products available in the marketplace so we would always advise seeking professional, tailored advice for your personal circumstances. But here, we’ll answer some […]

Deadline approaching for council tenants wanting to buy their own home

The clock is ticking for tenants who wish to purchase their homes from the Housing Executive or Housing Associations through the government’s Right to Buy Scheme, originally launched in the 1980s. With only seven months left to make an application (closing date is 28 August 2022), now is the time for any groups or individuals […]

How will the rise in interest rates affect you?

The Bank of England has announced that it has increased interest rates to 0.25% from the historical low of 0.1% in an attempt to tackle rising inflation in the UK. What will this mean for your mortgage, savings, debt and pension? How will my mortgage be affected? The majority of homeowners are on a fixed-rate […]

Mortgage Matters Winter Newsletter

Our new Mortgage Matters Winter Newsletter is available for download. It is packed with articles, ideas and information to help you get the right mortgage and protection for you and your family. To download your free copy, click below. Mortgage Matters Winter 2021 Newsletter If you would like to discuss any of these articles further, […]

The importance of remortgaging

Over half of UK homeowners overspend by thousands of pounds on their mortgage by not remortgaging. It’s important to stay on top of your mortgage situation and stay alert for better rates. Most of us stay on top of our mobile phone contracts, car insurance and utility services – we should do the same for […]

Autumn 2021 Budget Highlights

In Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s second financial statement this year, there were few surprises as he looks to fix the economy following the pandemic. With inflation climbing and interest rate rises on the horizon, Britain is at a critical period in terms of its economic future. Multiple lockdowns caused the UK economy to slump by 10% […]

Why even your SME needs key person and shareholder protection

As a business owner, it is normal to want ‘business as usual’ – but would your business run as usual in the event of something serious happening to a key member of staff or a shareholder? Usually, the answer is no. Over half of businesses in the UK believe that if a key person within […]

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