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Life insurance (also known as life assurance or life cover) is a financial product that lets you leave money for your family or beneficiaries when you die. The money left to your family can be used to support them through lost income over a period of time or to pay off a lump sum of debt, such as a mortgage for example. There are also different type of life insurance policy, some offering the option to include additional cover such as critical illness protection.

Mortgage Solutions NI has been trading since 2005 and currently have over 70 advisers across Northern Ireland. We protected over 2,300 customers in 2019 with the right level of insurance to give them and their family peace of mind for the future.

We can help with a wide range of Life Insurance policies:

Different Types Of Life Insurance:

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    Term Life Insurance

    The most common form of Life Insurance is called ‘Term Life Insurance’, this is when you choose an amount that you want to be insured for and how long (the period) you want the cover to last. Then, if you die within the period of the cover, the policy pays out tax-free, to the beneficiaries you specified when you set the policy up.

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    Whole-Of-Life policy

    This type of life insurance policy lasts until you die and therefore have to pay out to your family and/or beneficiaries. Because of this fact, these types of policy are more expensive than term life insurance policies which only payout if you die within the period of cover.

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    Family Income Benefit Policies

    As opposed to paying out a lump sum of money to your family if you die within the insurance period, family income benefit policies are a form of decreasing term policy that pays out a regular monthly income.

What Our Clients Say


Shauna McAleavey


If we hadn't had such good advice from Bronagh in the Newry branch, we wouldn't of been able to get our dream home! They put the customer first and find the best mortgage for you.


Ken Whiteside


It was exactly 10weeks from we made the phone call to Sonya in mortgage solutions in Newtownards to we had the keys in our hands.Sonya was first class. They put the customer first and found the best mortgage for us.


Aine Moyne


Claire knows her market well and can sort you out with the finance to suit your situation.


Christopher O'Farrell


I used Cathy for sourcing my mortgage and all my insurance’s. She got the best deals going for me. Everything went through nice and fast. I’d recommend Cathy to everyone.


Sarah Lou


Excellent service from Dermot and his team. Every step was fully explained and Dermot was there to answer any questions. Would definitely recommend 5*


Selina Spiers


I could not recommend Pawan enough, nothing is ever a problem. He made it all so quick and simple, no hassle. Now we are looking forward to moving into our beautiful new home. Thanks Pawan!


Hugh O'Neill


Me and my fiancee just moved into our new home in Armagh. Monica and John made the whole process very simple and easy, especially as we were relocating. Could not ask for better service and advice. Highly recommend.


Shauneen O'Neill


Me and my partner wanted to buy are 1st home and didn't know where to start. They answered all out questions in a way we could understand. Sorted the mortgage that was best for us along with our life insurance. Which was a great help. I would 100% recommend them to any 1st time buyers.

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