Life is uncertain. Protect what matters.


The sad fact is that we’re more likely to insure our pets than ourselves. But Rover won’t pay the mortgage for your kids if you get hit by a bus! Nobody likes to think about these things but we deal with them every day and can help you get the cover that’s right for you.

It doesn’t cost as much as you think. Even if you have life cover a quick review with one of our advisers can check to see if it’s still suitable for your needs, and advise on the right type of protection products to suit the circumstances of you and your family.

Not sure what you need?? Take a look below at some examples...

What Protection Should I Consider?

  • one

    Home Insurance

    This shouldn’t just be about getting the minimum protection for your bricks and mortar. And definitely not from an opera singer online!. Your policy should be designed around you, reflecting the things you value most. We can advise on the cover that is right for your needs and from a company we know will look after you most when you need it.

    Along with fires and floods, a good buildings insurance policy will protect your home against storm damage, subsidence, burst pipes and vandalism. Failure to have cover in place could result in you having to pay out thousands for repairs.

  • two

    Life Insurance

    This provides one-off tax free lump sum payment in the event of your death. Often taken out to protect a mortgage. There are two common types of Life Assurance linked to a mortgage, Level Term and Decreasing Term.

    Level Term Assurance provides a set level of cover for the term you choose. Decreasing Term Assurance covers you for the term you choose, but the level of cover decreases through the term of this policy, usually to coincide with the reducing debt on your mortgage.

  • three

    Critical Illness Cover

    This provides one-off tax free lump sum payment in the event of a specified serious illness like cancer or permanent disability caused by injury.

    For a relatively small monthly amount, you could help yourself and your family cope for a while without income to pay household bills and debts. This would mean one less thing to worry about at this very stressful time. You can also combine critical illness cover and life insurance in one plan.

  • four

    Income Protection

    If you got sick or injured, how would you pay your mortgage/rent or even your medical bills as you recover? Income Protection Cover pays you a monthly tax-free income until you’re well enough to go back to work, retirement, the plan ends, or death, which can be used to help pay your bills, your mortgage or even medical costs. 

  • five

    Business Protection

    When you’re busy running your own business you might not get much time to sit and think how important you or your partners actually are. Business Protection works on the same principles as Life or Critical illness cover and can be split into four main types: Key Person, Share Protection, Business Loan Protection & Relevant Life Plans. 

  • six

    Funeral Plans

    We know all of this can seem a bit morbid and depressing but we all know how sad it is losing someone we love. This stressful time is made worse when there’s no funds to cover the cost of a funeral. Having a funeral plan in place makes it easier on those left behind to cover the costs of your final wishes. *

    * Funeral plans are not part of the Openwork offering and are offered in our own right. Openwork Limited accept no responsibility for this aspect of our business. Funeral plans are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

What Our Clients Say


Shauna McAleavey


If we hadn't had such good advice from Bronagh in the Newry branch, we wouldn't of been able to get our dream home! They put the customer first and find the best mortgage for you.


Ken Whiteside


It was exactly 10weeks from we made the phone call to Sonya in mortgage solutions in Newtownards to we had the keys in our hands.Sonya was first class. They put the customer first and found the best mortgage for us.


Aine Moyne


Claire knows her market well and can sort you out with the finance to suit your situation.


Christopher O'Farrell


I used Cathy for sourcing my mortgage and all my insurance’s. She got the best deals going for me. Everything went through nice and fast. I’d recommend Cathy to everyone.


Sarah Lou


Excellent service from Dermot and his team. Every step was fully explained and Dermot was there to answer any questions. Would definitely recommend 5*


Selina Spiers


I could not recommend Pawan enough, nothing is ever a problem. He made it all so quick and simple, no hassle. Now we are looking forward to moving into our beautiful new home. Thanks Pawan!


Hugh O'Neill


Me and my fiancee just moved into our new home in Armagh. Monica and John made the whole process very simple and easy, especially as we were relocating. Could not ask for better service and advice. Highly recommend.


Shauneen O'Neill


Me and my partner wanted to buy are 1st home and didn't know where to start. They answered all out questions in a way we could understand. Sorted the mortgage that was best for us along with our life insurance. Which was a great help. I would 100% recommend them to any 1st time buyers.

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