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Make Finding Mortgages Easy

Buying your first home is exciting and a huge decision, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Just speak to us and we’ll help you through every step of the process. By working together, we can help your big move run smoothly.

Our step-by-step guide should help you get mortgage ready. If you’ve any questions, just contact us for a chat or to arrange an appointment with one of our mortgage advisers. After all we make finding mortgages easy!

1. Find out how much you can borrow

Use our handy mortgage calculator at or talk to one of our advisers.

2. Start Saving

You’ll need to start saving or already have a deposit. There are various different types of products available, each with different deposit options. Search and compare mortgages withour mortgage finder.

3. Get your paperwork

You’ll need to gather lots of evidence for the lenders such as bank statements, ID, payslips etc. But we can help you have all that ready from the start of the process.

4. Find a home

This is the fun bit!! Once you find one, put in an offer, cross your fingers and hope its accepted.

5. Get back in touch

Let us know your offer has been accepted and we can go ahead and apply for your mortgage.

6. Find a Solicitor

Or we can help you through the conveyancing with one of our local partners. Your solicitor will carry out the necessary checks and searches on the property prior to putting the contract in place.

7. The contract & sale

The contract for sale is the agreement between you and the seller. It sets out all the agreed details such as price and planned completion date. A few days before completion, your solicitor will request the loan funds from our agreed lender.

8. Protect your mortgage

Before you draw down your mortgage, you should have adequate life assurance and home insurance in place.Nobody wants to think about the bad things in life but we want to make sure all are clients are properly protected. We’ll also help advise and arrange cover specific to your needs.

9. Move in

Don’t be lifting too many heavy boxes as we want your first few days in your new home to be happy ones…There may even be a little something from us to welcome you home.

Call us today on 028 9182 8255 or use our branch finder to find your nearest adviser.

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